Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Kloe has been saying and doing so many cute and funny things lately I figured that I better try to get them down on paper (per se) before I forget all of them!!!!

***She LOVES Cookout milkshakes! When we pass Cookout, she puts her hands on the car window and says, "Shaaaaaake....." in the most pitiful voice!! And she can polish off an entire shake by herself in record time!

***She is also a Mountain Dew FIEND!! (Don't know HOW that happened!! :-)) But she calls it "Mountoon" as opposed to Kalee's "Monkey Dew" when she was about the same age as Kloe!

***She has a few people who she absolutely adores, including KelKel, Baby A, and Jackie, and Hedder, Jarrod, Chloe D, and Dalton.

***She likes to talk on the phone now, and will bring us our phones and request to speak with people!! And if we won't or can't call her requested relative, she will find a play phone and carry on her own imaginary conversations, complete with "MmHmmms" and "No's" like she is answering questions! And she ends every call with "Wuv oo!!"

***Her favorite episode of the Backyardigans is now "What's Bugging You?" where Uniqua and Tyrone are exterminators called to Tasha's house to rid it of pests before Mr. Spiffy (Pablo) comes to inspect to see if Tasha's house is spiffy enough to be in his Spiffy Club! She knows it by heart and loves the "meep meeps" (the Wormans that have invaded the house), especially when they eat cupcakes and dance. She know the whole episode by heart and likes to sing the song about The Spiffy Club and say "MmmHmmmmm...." like Mr. Spiffy. As you might have guessed we watch this AT LEAST once a day!

***Kalee and Chloe D. were singing Happy Birthday in the playhouse one day and Kloe has now adopted it as her favorite song! She sings Happy Day in a very deep, crazy voice and drags the words out really long....it is absolutely hilarious!! And she will add in Sissy every now and then and sing it to KK!! I can't wait to see her reaction at her party this weekend when everyone is singing to her!

***She also likes to talk in that deep crazy voice every now and then, especially to say, "Okay, Mommy" when I ask her a question because she knows that it will make me laugh!

***She loves to be in the water, at the Y or at various friends' pools that we have been to this summer! She is quite the little fish and she has NO fear! She is always asking to go "fimming." (swimming)

***She wants us to watch her every move, so we hear, "Wa me, Mommy (or Daddy or Sissy)" A LOT these days!!!! Even if it is just to watch her take a drink!

***She is still addicted to "pop-ups" (waffles) and eats at least 2 a day! Basically that is all she eats right now. She is really slimming down because of this. I guess she is just too busy to eat!! But she loves her "Molk." She must have a sippy cup (preferably a Pablo cup) with nice cold milk as soon as she gets up!

***She is a pacifier addict. She MUST have a "ninna" in reach at all times. She also has to have both of her "bubbas" in sight. (her blankets).

***If I am taking too long to get her out of her crib when she wakes up, she will resort to yelling Kathy instead of Mommy!!!

***She sleeps till at least 9 since school ended!!

***She adores Kalee. I mean, like seriously adores her. Nuff said!!

***For as much as she adores KK, she fights with her a lot, too. Sisterly love!! And poor Kalee won't fight back in spite of the fact that Kloe is a major bully and bruiser. Kloe doesn't hesitate to hit, kick, smack, etc.......we are working on this. A lot. Kloe has a major temper and doesn't appreciate being told no.

***She loves to go to Don Juan's and get "cheeps and deep." She likes salsa as her dip at first, until the cheese dip arrives on the table and she claims it as her own!

***She likes muffins. A lot. And she has a muffin dance that she does while she sings "Muffin Muffin Muffin" over and over. She also loves "nonuts," (donuts), especially chocolate ones. And she says chocolate perfectly clearly!!

***Anytime she sees letters or writing, she points to it and tells us that it says "Koey P." (Kloe P.) And yes, she refers to herself as "Koey P." or "Koey Poo" because "Koey D." is Chloe across the street!

***When she drew allllll over the back of the couch with a red marker (thankfully a washable one!!), she proudly told me that it said "Koey P!!"

Saturday, June 5, 2010

What a Week!!!

So this has been a SUPER crazy week in our house, filled with firsts!!! On Monday night, Kalee fell in the driveway (while running in flip flops!!) and hurt her finger! Being the kind, patient, and loving mother that I am, I told her to stop crying or go inside. Welllll, when she just couldn't stop crying, I decided that it was probably time to end our long day of playing outside and come in for a bath because she must be just exhausted. Upon further inspection in the bathtub, her right middle finger was, um, well, BLACK AND BLUE, and VERY swollen. Sooooo we iced it and went to bed, since she could move it in spite of its appearance. On Tuesday morning, she said that it hurt and it still looked pretty ugly, but, I sent her to school anyway. When I picked her up from school on Tuesday, I took her to get it checked out and it is, in fact, broken!! That's right, people, MOTHER OF THE YEAR is in the house!!!! SO she ended up with a horrific looking splint that was big enough to immbilize her entire little spaghetti arm, and a referral to an orthopedist for follow up!

She stayed home from school on Wednesday since I felt REALLY guilty, and we had to go to see the orthopedist. At that visit she got a much more manageable splint and a huge ego boost when the doctor and the nurse told her that she was the sweetest patient they had seen all day! We have to go back next week for a follow up x-ray to make sure that it is healing properly so that they can ensure that she could in fact be a hand model someday! The doctor told her that if she follows directions and wears the splint, she should only need it for 3 weeks, which would mean ditching it just in time for her 6th Birthday!

So as if all of that wasn't exciting enough for one week, she also lost her first tooth on Thursday night!!! She was one excited little girl to see what the tooth fairy would leave for her. Apparently her Daddy told the tooth fairy that she is pretty special because she got a crisp $10 under her pillow, and there was golden tooth fairy dust sprinkled all around her pillow!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Kalee had her first major project of her school career over this past week....to create a leprechaun trap!!! It was a "family" project, and we allllllll got into it....including Grandma and Grandpa!!! Danny found the basic idea online but decided that ours must be on a grander scale than the website suggested! (Hence, our trap that could capture an entire village of leprechauns!!!!!) Kalee was so excited to take it to school today and show it to her friends! They had a great collection of traps in her classroom, but.....unfortunately that tricky leprechaun eluded ALL of them!!! But we sure had fun trying to catch him!!!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Funny Kloe

I know I am waaaayyy behind on my blog, and promise to catch up soon, but I just had to do a quick post before I forgot about this! Since Kalee has started school she is always asking questions and telling us to raise our hands, like "Raise your hand if you are ready for a snack!" and things like that. Well, Kloe has picked up on it so if you ask her a question like "Who is the cutest baby in town?" she raises up her chubby little arm and says "Me, me, me!!"

So yesterday I was changing her diaper on the living room floor and somehow the tv channel got changed to some diet/weight loss infomercial, and the host said something like "Raise your hand if you are tired of looking in the mirror and seeing fat and cellulite" and Kloe immediately raised her hand and enthusiastically shouted "Me, me, me!!!!" Apparently she is fed up with her baby fat!!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Tree 2009

This past weekend we ventured back to the mountains to cut down our Christmas tree again, and it was the perfect time to go because IT SNOWED!!!! It was so beautiful, and the farm that we chose this year had a nice warm building with popcorn and hot chocolate and a GREAT selection of trees. Unfortunately, after about 10 minutes of browsing said trees, Danny was left alone to do the final choosing because Miss Kloe was NOT enjoying the cold! Although she was bundled up like Ralphie's little brother, she wasn't happy!! (Or maybe the bundling is why she wasn't happy....hmmmmm....)

At any rate, Danny did a FANTASTIC job and chose what has to be our best tree EVER!!!!!! I am so excited because it looks amazing and it is the perfect size for the family room! And even though decorating the tree isn't my favorite task...I know, very Scrooge-y of me...I do love to see all of our special ornaments and tell Kalee the stories behind them. And we only had one minor mishap with a break, which was easily repaired!

So we are really in the Christmas spirit here...Danny put up the lights outside while the girls and I were in MD for Thanksgiving and they were soooooooo excited to see them when we pulled in the driveway after our agonizing 10 hour drive! Kloe loves to stand in the window and yell "YIGHTS" at the top of her lungs when we turn them on every night! And Kalee is hooked on the movie Elf, which is absolutely hilarious! Also, she finally watch Christmas Vacation and really liked that, too. She is definitely her mother's daughter though, because she spouts off lines from the movies constantly!!!! She even asked Danny if he had a saw on the way to the Christmas tree farm!!!

So here are some pictures of this weekend's adventures......